Comprehensive marketing and sales efforts allow the company to attract potential guests much more efficiently. We utilize the following promotional avenues:

  • Partnerships and affiliations: We work with all major short-term rental platforms (HomeAway, AirBNB, VRBO, FlipKey) and know how to optimize our property listings so they are always displayed on top of all search results.
  • Referral incentives: We utilize a network of satisfied customers to refer potential guests in exchange for a referral fee. We extend this offer to all our guests with incentives that always come out of our commission. This positive word-of-mouth buzz has proven to be a very powerful weapon in our marketing arsenal.
  • Local events: Our team maintains a calendar of local events, including festivals and sport activities (e.g., NASCAR at Pocono Raceways) and markets our properties to attendees of these events to increase occupancy rates and boost return on investment.


The following are key elements that differentiate us from other property rental management companies:

  • Flexible options: We offer individual investors various tools to ensure that we can arrive at an agreement that makes each investor comfortable:
    • Able to offer investors a first-year break-even guarantee
    • Willing to own the action by negotiating compensation based on investor’s net cash flow as opposed to straight commission
  • Quick response time: Most renters inquire about several properties and whoever gets back to them first will often close the sale. We respond to all customer inquiries within one hour, while most property owners respond in a number of days or even weeks.
  • Positive reviews: Properties with numerous positive reviews generate three times more business overall. We are diligent in following up with travelers. We strive for 100% positive reviews.
  • Exceptional customer service: To maximize referrals and returned customers, we focus on cultivating good guest relationships and providing most personalized service possible. Our superior customer service is the primary reason we have returning guests, enabling us to increase our revenue by 15% from the first to the second year of managing a property.
  • Quality photographs: We use only highly skilled professional photographers who know how to accentuate the advantages of each property. We invest in your properties by paying for the photographer and listing fees.
  • Demand Monitoring: By staying in touch with guests’ desires vs. what is available in each local market on an ongoing basis, we are able to identify pockets of unfilled demand. This allows us to tailor our offerings to maximize occupancy rates and investors’ ROI.