Management Team







du1Dmitry Ulyanov decided to go into this business a few years agoafter he experimented by renting his own vacant property in Vermont. Over last several years, Dmitry was able to sign up a number of homeowners as his customers by demonstrating to them his own results, and the company started generating profits. Dmitry has an MBA in finance and more than 20 years of experience in banking and trading environments, as well as running his own small business. A hardworking team player with excellent networking skills, he does not stop working to find new ways to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit. Dmitry is an art lover and a hunter. He lives in Stamford, CT, with his wife and three daughters.
IMG_3774 (1)Gregory Katz joined Dmitry in his effort to grow this venture and set out to attract passive real estate investors. Gregory has undergraduate degrees in business management and finance and an MBA in economics. Gregory is a results-driven and detail-oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in project management, workflow optimization, managing all aspects of a start-up, as well as building a company of his own. He is a critical and analytical thinker who is highly motivated and committed to excellence. Gregory loves to travel. He lives in Stamford, CT, with his wife and two daughters.